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October 31 2016

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I’m crying. 

i scheduled this a year ago..

May 02 2016

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Youngest Palestinian prisoner finally free.

Dima Al-wawi, 12, is finally free from the Israeli prison this Sunday morning. Dima was one of the youngest girls in the world to be

She was received by the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners, Issa Qaraque, and her family at the Israeli military checkpoint in Tulkarem, in the occupied West Bank.

On February 18, the Israeli military court at Ofer prison sentenced the 12-year-old Palestinian girl to four months and a half in prison and an eight-thousand-shekel.

Al-Wawi, a 7th grader from the occupied West Bank town of Halhoul, near Hebron, was arrested on February 9 while on her way to school wearing her school uniform.
Since her arrest, Dima’s family were living under extremely difficult psychological circumstances.

They received a letter from her, though the hands of her lawyer.
Subhia al-Wawi, Dima’s mother, in an interview with a PNN reporter stated that her daughter sent her and her family a the letter through their lawyer, since they are not allowed to see the child.

With tears in her eyes, al-Wawi read the letter: “My beloved mom, dad, and dear brothers:  I miss you all so much and I know that you are with me.  I am good, healthy, fine and happy. With love, Dima.”

Al-Wawi said that as any other child, her daughter has the right to play and to eat properly, referring to Dima’s arrest and captivity in an Israeli jail, violating Dima’s children rights.

She added that Dima’s lawyer tried to appeal and to prove that the accusations against her daughter are false, but all in vain.



I’m a big Smallville fan and when I saw Parrish first appearing on Teen Wolf I felt like I knew that actor from somewhere. Until I remembered… 


He was freaking Ryan James in Smallville!!!! Clark’s younger friend!! And I fangirled because Ryan Kelley (the actor in case someone doesn’t know) went from that to this:


Damn son, talk about going through puberty! He’s so freaking gorgeous (and he’s hilarious as well)! <3

parrish is my favorite character *-*

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tag yourself i’m alcoholic drinks

April 09 2016

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I left a free biology report outside a Los Angeles high school. See a bonus page on Facebook.

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12-year-old Waleed Abushaaban’s class was watching Bend It Like Beckham when the teacher allegedly called him a terrorist. The educator has since been placed on leave, but claims her comment is being taken out of context.

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“Boy…Girl…. Why should something like that matter?”

April 08 2016

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Oscar Carvallo Couture Fall 2013

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When the minimum wage in Haiti was raised to 61 cents an hour, Hillary Clinton’s State Department intervened on behalf of American garment manufacturers and had it cut in half again, to 31 cents.

Hillary Clinton is a war criminal and has no regard for human rights.

Yet I’m supposed to believe she’s better than Trump lmao


Please do not trust her.

She, like trump, depend on the naive, ignorant, and gullible. Honestly becoming a presidential candidate sadly always means you’ve got to be some form of evil to get there

April 07 2016

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it looked just like a Monet painting 🙇🏼🍾 ig: isabellaspud

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Illustrations by GDBee

dA l tumblr l shop l FB

Lisa frank for black girls 😊😊😊

I love this so much it’s candy for my eyes.. cotton candy

So pretty

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I’m just happy they are learning and evolving… We will catch up eventually. It’s happening!!!

March 21 2016

How every white movie based on teenagers starts


(Scene: hallway)
Hi I’m Ashley, but everyone just calls me Ash. I’m your average teenager who does not fit in with anyone. That is my best friend (screen switches to average looking white boy with greasy hair who is secretly in love with the main character but won’t reveal it until near the end of the movie) Ryan. We’ve been best friends since 3rd grade. That’s my other best friend ( screen switches to another average looking white girl who doesn’t fit in either) Carly. And omg that is Zach (screen switches to a white boy with perfect features who is obviously out of the main characters league). He is so popular and barely knows I exist. *Popular white boy (Zach) walks by main character (Ashley)*
Zach: hey Ash
*ashley is nervous and stupidly replies, “hey Zach ” and does some dumb shit like trip on air*
*best friend Carly rolls her eyes and says, “you’ve been in love with Zach since middle school why don’t you make a move?”*
“Because he’s totally out of my league. He’s popular and I’m average and all I wear are hoodies and baggy jeans”
*Suddenly a bitchy, cute, rich, popular and well dressed antagonist white girl walks by with like 4 other white girls and one black girl (for diversity) behind her and bumps into main character*
“Oh sorry didn’t see you there Ash…not like anyone ever does anyways”
*Bitchy white mean popular girl laughs with her crew and walks away*
(screen switches back to main character)
Oh and that’s Becca she’s pretty, rich and popular and likes to pick on me…because I’m average and don’t fit in.

March 15 2016

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I got pissed on twitter today. what else is new.

This girl is so important


Why isn’t using sign language more common in society? like??? Not even just communicating within deaf communities but for everybody to use with anybody?

I feel like this should be standard learning material for those working in loud workplaces or with machinery, or maybe idk for talking underwater or when someone else can’t hear you at a concert. Or what about when somebody is having a panic attack and can’t talk, or just isn’t all that comfortable with voicing their feelings?

Why isn’t nonverbal communication more integrated into our society? Cause it should be.

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